automated Assessment systems

Assessment Management Systems

The assessments management system is available with built-in automated processes and workflows, document management, assignment tracking system, reporting & efficient communication.

Creating assessments are simple and can be configured in the system. It can also be updated automatically.


Group Exercise, personal Interview is part of admission process Assessment for management Institutes. Ish info’s solution helps institutes to conduct & manage their GE PI or GD PI process efficiently. The system manages right from Student verification & attendance to Panelists Score entry. All of these are completely online in real-time. The result publication time is minimized to a large extent with perfect data accuracy and transparency


The big 5 personality traits evaluation on individual’s qualities are also assessed and processed accurately using the help of our online assessment system. Our online assessment system allows from document upload by the candidate to online view of the same by the evaluator with real time online rating of the same against the given parameters. The evaluator views only the image / pic and does not know the user/creator to whom it belongs to.


A special process for design institutes for rating the PR and PI process. Almost every design institute in India do a portfolio review to select applicants. This system provides for candidates to upload their portfolios online within the specified timeline and is automatically popped up in the rating sheet of the Panelist where scores are awarded and recorded in real-time.


The automated assessment system allows you to design your questionnaire and publish the assessment to test takers. The final inference is computed and shown up in the Panelist Interview rating sheet thereby allowing the Panelist have discussion with the candidate based on the inference behavioural traits

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