advanced faculty management system

Faculty Management For Institutions

Our smart Faculty Management System helps in monitoring and enriching the complete faculty life cycle by streamlining and mapping faculty operations to a centralized database integrated with multiple peripheral modules that facilitate smooth data flow throughout the system with minimal effort.

This module manages all staff and faculty details from their date of joining till resignation. It creates profiles of staff members which allows easy management of faculty.

Faculty Data Management

A system with multiple scattered data sources is always tricky to manage and control. Information irregularities often hinder system effectiveness, security, and transparency. Hence, a robust faculty management system is a must to improve overall staff performance and risk mitigation in academic institutions.

The complete data regarding faculty initiatives, publications, innovations, engagement, project participation, and performance can be fetched with just a click of a button. This helps the institute or university administration to retain their research assets, even after the faculty leaves and join somewhere else. 

Easy access to diversified data points helps the institute to address the requirements of prestigious agencies like NAAC, NIRF, IQAC, etc. instantly. Also, the capability to connect and fetch real-time data from external portals like SCOPUS & Web of Sciences empowers the institution to stay on top of the latest innovations and scientific developments. Complete data about the performance of a particular faculty or a group of faculties helps in effective faculty performance management and transparent appraisal process.

Key Outcomes

The data points that can be captured includes but are not limited to:

  • Teaching Activities
  • Research publications
  • Books and Chapters
  • Conference proceedings
  • Honours and Awards
  • Intellectual property
  • Research/Consultancy
  • Works shops and Seminars
  • MDP / FDP details
  • ISR Activities

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