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Lead Management For Institutions

An efficient lead management system lies at the heart of successful businesses across the globe, right from the start of lead capturing to nurturing a smart lead management system that makes sure that the sales funnel never dries up.

Now you can efficiently manage your admissions with India's most trusted education CRM provider. Our school CRM software simplifies the lead management process by engaging, nurturing & managing incoming leads.

Lead Capturing

It is very important to make sure that every lead gained through online marketing campaigns such as Email, paid ads, chats, web forms, organic visits, and social media are efficiently transferred to the company CRM to be taken care of. With automated email sending and tracking features, along with real-time notifications in the CRM system helps in avoiding slippage of leads through the cracks and boosts the conversion ratio.

Lead Distribution

Once the lead is in the system, our smart lead management software makes sure that it is automatically transferred to the respective sales team on a round-robin basis, this exponentially decreases the time to contact the leads and convert them. More the delay in reaching back to the customer, the higher the chances that the customer is lost. Also, with customized reports, you can have a microscopic look at the performance of various territories and sales representative to easily identify and address the areas of improvement.

Lead Nurturing

The majority of the students while browsing through various institutes are still in the awareness or research stage. Hence, it is very important to reach back to them frequently and help them reach an educated decision that too in our favor. Our lead management system will help you run targeted campaigns to convert such half-baked leads.

Automated Messaging

The primary purpose of a marketing campaign is to deliver the right content, to the right audience, just at the right time, this helps in creating a consistent experience for the students and build trust. Our lead management software facilitates seamless one-on-one cross-channel integration that provides a unified experience through Emails, SMS, and WhatsApp campaigns, making the job of the applicants easier and less time consuming, to facilitate rapid conversions.

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