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Mock Tests

ISH Information’s mock test is a practice exam, designed to be as much like the real thing as possible. It has several purposes, some specifically for the student and the teacher’s benefit.

Mock Tests help students revise the entire syllabus in the simulated setting of the actual exam. This way they remember what they have learned and perform well in the actual exam.

Benefits of Mock Tests

  1. It provides student a good idea of what to expect in the exams and it is helpful in practising time management during exam.
  2. It boosts a student’s confidence especially if a student is doing well.
  3. It can be a wakeup call for students who are not working as hard as they should be.
  4. It can highlight areas for students that they need to improve and that require more effort on the student’s part.
  5. Teachers can obtain a clearer picture of which students are performing well and which students need more help.
  6. Teachers can understand what topics are clear to most students and what topics the students are struggling against, that can be used to revise topics and go over with the whole class.
  7. Teachers can save these records as they indicate a student’s over all progress. It can come in handy when a student or their parents file complaints with regards to the result if they were not as expected or blame the teacher for bad scores. These records can be shown to indicate the student’s progress or how the student fared throughout the year or course.

Preparation for any exam or mastering any skill can be divided into 3 parts-

  1. Concepts- Ideas, concepts and theories in relation to a subject can be taught under this section.
  2. Application– Everything that has been learnt can be validated, mastered and applied to see how it helps in a real situation in this section.
  3. Test– Your efficiency, effectiveness and expertise can be checked with regards to the concepts you have learned in this section.

You analyse each test and see what went wrong in which area. Your wrong answers maybe because of 3 reasons-

  1. Silly mistakes– The question may have been misread or misunderstood, Calculation mistake may have been performed or there may have been some error in the formula.
  2. wrong understanding of the concept or wrong application of the concept may have been applied
  3. The answer could have been guessed wrong and without logic.

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