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Student Admission Management Systems

The changes in admissions process are constant and managing it manually is very next to impossible, limiting the resource productivity, hence online admission process is the way forward.

Why Online Admission?

Increasing number of students every year, it is practically very difficult to distribute physical application form and collecting physical forms, to complete the admission process, this is outdated process, reduces the scope of mala practices and most transparent process. an aspirant who comes in from a long-distance remote city or town, the cost incurred in completing application formalities is 5-10 times more than the application cost.

The Quota in admissions, have number of varieties among admission quota’s like defence, state domicile based, RTE, FEG etc. Any aspirant can apply and claim the quota, however, in reality only a few are match the required parameter and eligible for the quota based admission. In an online system the required validations can be set smoothly to ensure right people only apply under quota.

The objective of ‘Online Admission System’ is to automate the admission management process, its related operation, and functionality to minimise the operational error and also, to enhance the support to the administrative roles and help admission seeking candidates by providing a faster, transparent, Online admission ensures easy way of maintaining records and utilize them for reference and for the future references.

Flow of Online Admission

On entering specified URL Landing page or one-page website, it opens the screen with detail description of institute and ‘Instructions for Applicant with do’s and don’ts’. Indeed, read the details carefully wherever mentioned on online admission form.
There are various tabs such as programs offered – displays programs offered by the institute, Admission Information – displays the admission information details, Contact Us – displays the contact details.

Admission Process

online admission for students starts with tab ‘Apply Now’, after going through the institute description and course details, Students their Enter the details in the respective fields and acknowledge the details given by them. On submission of the application, it generates applicant number. The login credentials will be sent on registered email address.

Applicant logins to complete intermediate level process.
Once the details are submitted, the details such as Personal & Bank Details, Address Details, and educational Details will be updated through respective fields. Applicants may need to Upload Photo with Signature. Next step is payment in which applicant need to choose the payment options or the mode of payment to track the same.

Authorized person from institute are provide the access to receive and process the application and the student in updated list.

Online admission sytems, provides instant reports on no of students applied, no of student’s incomplete application status, Payment status.

Online Admission Benefits

o Minimizes time of processing
o Because of no time limits, institutes admission process time is reduced.
o Institutes can publish their merit list lot earlier than they could have done manually following the traditional way.

o As it is online admission form, it allows candidates to fill application form at their convenient time.

o No limitation Geographical Boundary:

o Candidates can fill online application form from anywhere i.e. convenient place.

o Candidates don’t need to stand in long queues to get their queries answered, to get application form, and submit the same.

o Man Power Saving – Institutes don’t need to assign additional security to manage huge crowd.

o Institutes no longer require printing & storing forms, then collecting and filing of form which results in not only cost saving but also man power saving

o Minimizes Data Redundancy – Checks can be provided so that only eligible candidates can apply. Besides, the candidate data is to be entered only once.

o Very Precise and Reliable – The process is very precise and reliable due to limited human participation.

o The entire process is very dynamic – any changes can be reflected in real time & will be immediately reached the candidates.
o The process is simple & user friendly – similar to filing a form manually, the difference being use of keyboard instead of pen.

o Institutes can monitor the ongoing process.
o Have day to day summary of progress of the admission.
o Great Flexibility – Various types of reports can be generated in quick time with minor changes in the design. Online Admission System is a web portal of admission for computerization of all pre and post admission activities of an Institution. The portal supports various modern technologies such as – Online Payment Gateway, auto SMS, and auto Email for student admission application and confirmation of admission.

Online Admissions Success

Admission process in colleges and school has become a very painful and tedious process. With the number of students increasing year and year, it has become essential for institutes to invest in a system that automates and streamlines the student admission system. By investing in a system like online admission system, college/school can be succeeded in various areas.

  • Man Power Saving – Institutes don’t need to allot additional manpower to manage heavy crowd.
  • No longer require printing & storing forms.
  • No longer require to collect forms of all the candidates and file them.
  • Rapid & Flexible
  • Real-time reports & graphs for analysis

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