Ish Information Systems Pvt. Ltd., is changing the way academic institutions leverage technology for true business transformation, scalability, customer engagement and profitability, all the while focusing on building a healthy education ecosystem!


Students are the primary face of every institute. A rich and diverse student mix gives a unique flavour to your campus! Efficient student selections through automated, pay-per-use, quickly deployable tools help the institution not only save budgets, but also reach a wider community of aspiring learners, engaging them instantly.

Our agile back-end technology structures and innovative stakeholder interface provide visible competitive advantage by making the admission and payment processes seamless, globally accessible, standardised and secure. The result is a diverse eco system, encouraging cross cultural interactions and hosting a vibrant student community!

Having a good campus rating in the industry benefits your institution in two ways. It attracts competent aspirants to enrol into your institution and also draws the best companies to your campus for recruitment. For this to happen, it's important to nurture your students; enabling a relevant growth path parallel to your own, and equipping them to succeed with the very best placements in the industry.

Our comprehensive student life-cycle management solutions track and record growth and progress; supporting efficient interventions that keep students on the positive growth trajectory. When student, faculty and course information is made systematic and accessible, it benefits your institution in several tangible and intangible ways; delivering value to all stake holders; students, faculty, administration and the industry.

In an era experiencing digitisation as a way of life, it is imperative to have a system which is paperless, transparent, efficient and easy to use. Designed by technocrats and industry domain experts, combining valuable expertise from years of delivering world class solutions in the education technology space, you can be assured you are in safe hands. Our robust field tested bundled solutions manage end-to-end processes from admission to payment management, and academics to exam management; enabling data mining and record keeping which help your institution with analytics and intelligence to address your market strategically. A transparent and flexible system; it is designed for the Indian context, and can be modified to adapt to various new government policies while adding immensely to the credibility of the institute.

Over 35 premier institutions have relied on our solutions to drive strategic growth and can vouch for the integrity, transparency and aspirational service standards we bring to every engagement. Our ability to understand the pulse of the industry and the flexible, customizable technology we offer ensure our solutions grow along with you in every sense!

Robust and field-tested solution for solving complex problems.

Fast solution implementation and best-in-class support.

Backed by deep domain expertise in the education sector.

Abreast of the latest needs and trends for competitive advantage.